BDT Investments Ltd/AB Plastics can supply all your BULK puck board needs from 1/8" to 3/4". Build your own hockey rink, line your horse arena/stalls with puck board. Horses can't chew it or kick holes in it

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                                AB Plastics. Your bulk puck board dealer

Puck board is great for all commercial/industrial applications. Is chemical and stain resistant. Use your imagination. Pet runs, car washes, dairy barns, truck liners. HDPE sheet plastic will not break down

BULK Sales only, drop ship. Orders over 5000 lb's have no freight charges. 1/8" sheets weigh 18 lb's, 1/4" are 36 lb's, 3/8" are 60 lb's, 1/2" are 80 lb's and 3/4" are 110 lb's. Colored sheets are approximately $10 a sheet more then black or white